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HEART CENTERED APPROACHES TO PRACTICE | 50th Midwest School Social Work Conference

Being a school social worker is the best foundation for practicing in any setting. I know, because I AM a school social worker and practiced in public schools for 20 years. TRUST YOUR HEART and join likeminded colleagues to explore establishing a heart- centered practice in your school. You will explore an overview of topics such as clearing shock, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, energy work, breathwork, guided imagery, integrated/ functional medicine and their application to relieve mental health and behavioral symptoms.

This is an experiential workshop that will open your heart and release your stress. These practices will allow you to be grounded and present to facilitate healing for your students and staff regardless of trauma or crisis situations that arise. You will leave this session feeling calm and relaxed with multiple resources for your and your students! If you are unable to attend this workshop, I hope the handout will assist your on your healing journey! Namaste
Learn more at www.kateusaj.com


Kathleen Usaj, LISW-S, ACHT is the Holistic Psychotherapist at Center for Integrative Medicine ~ Cleveland Clinic. They are presenting: “HEALING OURSELVES ~ HEALING OUR CLIENTS” at this year’s conference.

Be sure to register for their workshop to learn more about this topic!

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