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Featured Keynote: Nelson Lauver | 50th Midwest School Social Work Conference

For nearly two decades Nelson Lauver has inspired audiences from every walk of life in the US and over 100 countries, not only as a speaker, but as a nationally syndicated broadcaster, social entrepreneur, human rights advocate, award winning author, and businessperson.

To meet Nelson today, it’s hard to imagine that until age 29 he was functionally illiterate as a result of undiagnosed dyslexia. But it is his personal story, his very real struggles, his experiences, failures, and achievements that have made Nelson who he is today and form the basis of his capacity to move audiences.

Nelson became one of “those kids” who fell through the cracks of an educational system that was ill-prepared to deal with a student who couldn’t learn like the rest. He spent his school years in a no-win situation filled with conflict and severe punishment. Socially promoted, he graduated from high school and received a diploma he struggled to read. Unable to fill out a job application and exhausted by his school years of having to follow protocols that never worked for him, Nelson became an entrepreneur.

In 1992 while working as a contractor, a chance encounter with a gentleman who asked Nelson to write down directions – an impossible task – led the man to ask Nelson if he was able to read and write. After 29 years of secrets and personal shame, Nelson finally admitted the truth. The man mentioned the word “dyslexia” and gave Nelson an hour of his time, some good advice, and encouragement.

That was the catalyst. Nelson took the man’s advice. He got tested and was diagnosed with dyslexia. Nelson learned to read and write and embarked on a path few would have imagined.

Nelson has become a voice for those without a voice of their own. Come hear his story Friday, October 13th and be the catalyst for students at your schools.

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